Name Tag Magnets

$4.99 AUD

Name Tag Magnets: Secure, and Damage-Free Name Tag Attachment

In the professional realm, details matter. Our Name Tag Magnets reflect this, providing a neat and damage-free way to display your badges without affecting your attire. Say goodbye to pins and the worry of damaging clothes; our magnets offer a reliable and smooth attachment.

The metal component of this product comes with an easy-to-use adhesive backing. Simply peel, attach to your name tag, and you're set. This adhesive ensures your badge remains securely in place.

The standout feature is the plastic-coated triple magnet. Placed inside your clothing, it pairs with the metal piece, ensuring a firm grip. Not only does your badge stay put, but the plastic coating also means there's no discomfort against your skin.

These magnets are ideal for corporate events, trade shows, or the everyday office setting, eliminating the concerns of sagging badges or pin damage. We also offer flexible ordering options. Need just one for a quick fix or many for a team? We've got you covered. We maintain stock and have no minimum order requirement, ensuring timely fulfilment of your needs.

For a practical and sleek badge attachment solution, look no further than our Name Tag Magnets.


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