Do you offer bulk pricing for lanyards?

Lanyard Bulk Pricing Tiers

  • 1-4 Packs (50x Lanyards/Pack): Full Price
  • 5-9 Packs: 10% Discount
  • 10-24 Packs: 20% Discount
  • 25-49 Packs: 30% Discount
  • 50-250 Packs: 40% Discount
  • 250-499 Packs: 50% Discount
  • 500+ Packs: 60% Discount

At Badge Lab, purchasing 5 or more Lanyard Packs automatically activates savings. Your discount applies directly in the cart, ensuring a hassle-free checkout experience.

Please Note:

  • We stand by our commitment to transparent and fair pricing.
  • No additional coupons or manual discounts are provided.
  • Our goal is to offer exceptional customer service and quality while ensuring every customer benefits from our value-driven pricing.

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